Cast stone production

PAA produces cast stone showertrays, washbasins and bathtubs. Term “cast stone” refers to the technological process of filling (or “casting”) the material into mould. Cast stone is a composite material that is made of polyester-resin and filler – quartz and calcium carbonate. Layer of decorative paint (gelcoat) provides surface colour and gloss.

Cast stone is material which resemble and may be used in a similar way to natural stone. It maintains durable physical properties which even exceed most natural stones. 


Advantages of cast stone products:

  • Highly attractive – products made of cast stone look elegant. Technology allows to create new shapes that already define new design trends in the whole bathroom industry. 
  • Products can be made in unlimited colour range, including pearl and granite shades.
  • Pleasant to the touch – material is warm, smooth and homogenous. It feels like silk!
  • Hard wearing – durable, strong and heavy. It does not creak or flex.
  • Resistant – on acids and other chemicals, water-resistant, UV rays-resistant. Non corosive.
  • Hygienic – cast stone has even,non-pourous surface which is non-absorbing for dirt.
  • Easy - easy polishing, renovation and maintenance. Long service life.


Row materials, equipment:

  • PAA uses polyester resins and gelcoats produced by REICHHOLD and ASHLAND. 
  • Extruder (moulding device) of U.S. company “GISCO Inc.” is used in the production process.

 PAA Cast Stone material advanteges and structre explanation