Acrylic production

Sanitary acrylic is a special synthetic material, created to manufacture bathtubs. Acrylic surface is specular and durable. It provides long life, easy care and hygienic requirements for bathtubs.


Advantages of sanitary acrylic bathtubs produced by PAA:

  • Extra stability to bathtub provided by thick fiberglass reinforcing layer − 4 mm, in the bathtub base − up to 22 mm thick. Thus, there is no risk of bending or breakage.
  • Polyurethane foam coat PROFIHEAT − for additional heat, sound insulation and mechanical resistance.
  • Stable metal frame with adjustable feet − easy to dismantle and fold for installing in small bathrooms.
  • Easy to install and dismantle decorative panels. It enables easy cleaning and technical maintenance, if necessary.

Row materials, equipment:

  • Thermoforming equipment of British company “Armour Plastics Ltd.” is used in the production process. 
  • 4 mm and 5 mm thick PMMA sanitary acrylic sheets LUCITE®SW manufactured by company "Lucite International" (UK).
  • LUCITE®SW acrylic sheets conform to the EU standard EN263, and are certified by AFNOR since December 1991.
PAA Acrylic material advantages explanation PAA Acrylic material advantages explanation