Bathing Creations

Drawing PDF


Accord drawing (.pdf) Accord Accord drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Accord Amore drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Amore Cast stone bathtub Amore drawing (.pdf) Amore Bathtub Amore Silk 2D-DWG (.pdf) Amore Graphite Bathtub Amore Silk 2D-DWG (.pdf) Amore Silk Amore drawing (.pdf) Amore Silk Andante drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Andante Andante drawing (.pdf) Andante Bathtub Aria drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Aria Bathtub Aria drawing (.pdf) Aria Bathtub Arietta drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Arietta Bathtub Arietta drawing (.pdf) Arietta Bel Canto drawing 2D (.pdf) Bel Canto Bel Canto drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Bel Canto Bolero drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Bolero Bolero drawing (.pdf) Bolero Drawing of bathtub Cello (.pdf) Cello Drawing of bathtub Cello 2D-DWG (.pdf) Cello Bathtub Dolce Silk drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) DOLCE SILK Bathtub Deco Nudo drawing (.pdf) Deco Nudo Bathtub Deco Rim montage instruction (.pdf) Deco Rim Deco Shape bath drawing (.pdf) Deco Shape Deco Shape information page (.pdf) Deco Shape Suggestions on how to prepare the drawing of a DECO SHAPE bath (.pdf) Deco Shape Bathtub Deco Wall montage instruction (.pdf) Deco Wall Deco Wall bath drawing (.pdf) Deco Wall Bathtub Felice drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) FELICE SILK Bathtub Felice Silk drawing (.pdf) FELICE SILK Fanfara drawing (.pdf) Fanfara Fanfara drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Fanfara Infinity drawing (.pdf) Infinity Mambo drawing (.pdf) Mambo Mambo drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Mambo Drawing for bathtub Opera 2017-07 modification (.pdf) Opera Bathtub Opera montage instruction 2017-07 (.pdf) Opera Organic drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Organic Organic drawing (.pdf) Organic Polonise 1800 drawing (.pdf) Polonaise Lux-1800 Prelude drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Prelude Prelude drawing (.pdf) Prelude Rigonda drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Rigonda Rigonda drawing (.pdf) Rigonda Rondo drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Rondo Rondo drawing (.pdf) Rondo Rumba drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Rumba Rumba drawing (.pdf) Rumba Sonata drawing (.pdf) Sonata Sonata drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Sonata Step drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Step Tre drawing (.pdf) Tre Tre Grande drawing (.pdf) Tre Grande Tre Grande drawing (.pdf) Tre Grande Uno drawing (.pdf) Uno Uno drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Uno Uno Grande drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Uno Grande Vario Grande drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Vario Grande Vario Grande round corners drawing (.pdf) Vario Grande Specification for rounding of corners (.pdf) Vario Grande Vario Grande drawing (.pdf) Vario Grande Vario Long drawing (.pdf) Vario Long Vario Long drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Vario Long Specification for rounding of corners for bathtub Vario Long (.pdf) Vario Long Corner rounding and length for bathtub Vario Long (.pdf) Vario Long Vario Long draft (.pdf) Vario Long SILKSTONE Vario Round drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Vario Round Vario Round drawing (.pdf) Vario Round Verso drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Verso Montage instruction for bathtub Victoria (.pdf) Victoria Montage instruction for bathtub Victoria (.pdf) Victoria Silk Viola drawing 2D-DWG (.pdf) Viola Viola drawing (.pdf) Viola


Explanation table of HYDRO-AERO-CLASSIC massage systems (.pdf)HYDRO-CLASSIC HYDRO-AERO-CLASSIC Explanation table of PAA CLASSIC massage systems (.pdf) HYDRO-CLASSIC

ART shower trays

ART 80x120 drawing (.pdf) ART 80x120 ART 90x120 drawing (.pdf) ART 90x120 ART KV 100 drawing (.pdf) ART KV 100 ART KV 80 drawing (.pdf) ART KV 80 ART KV 90 drawing (.pdf) ART KV 90 ART RO100 R550 drawing (.pdf) ART RO100 R550 ART RO80 R550 drawing (.pdf) ART RO80 R550 ART RO90 R500 drawing (.pdf) ART RO90 R500

LARGO shower trays

Cast stone showertray LARGO 140,160,170x80 cm drawing (.pdf) LARGO 80x140/160/170

CLASSIC shower trays

CL KV 100 drawing (.pdf) CL KV 100 CL KV 80 drawing (.pdf) CL KV 80 CL KV 90 drawing (.pdf) CL KV 90 CL RO100 R550 drawing (.pdf) CL RO100 R550 Rasējums CL RO100 R550 (.pdf) CL RO100 R550 CL RO80 R550 drawing (.pdf) CL RO80 R550 CL RO90 R500 drawing (.pdf) CL RO90 R500 CL RO90 R550 drawing (.pdf) CL RO90 R550

OVO furniture


Washbasin Amore drawing (.pdf) Amore Washbasin Amore drawing (.pdf) Amore Graphite Washbasin Amore Silk drawing (.pdf) Amore Silk Bel Canto drawing (.pdf) Bel Canto Beta drawing (.pdf) Beta Draft Beta Duo (.pdf) Beta Duo Claro drawing (.pdf) Claro Claro Grande drawing (.pdf) Claro Grande Claro Mini drawing (.pdf) Claro Mini Montage instruction for washbasin DO (.pdf) DO Draft Delta 600 2D (.dwg) Delta Delta 600 drawing (.pdf) Delta Delta 900/K drawing (.pdf) Delta Delta 900/L drawing (.pdf) Delta Delta 1200 drawing (.pdf) Delta Drawing of wasbasins for integrating in surface (.pdf) Individual design washbasins Long Step 1000 drawing (.pdf) Long Step 1000 Long Step 1500 drawing left (.pdf) Long Step 1500 (Left/Right) Long Step 1500/L drawing (.pdf) Long Step 1500 (Left/Right) Long Step drawing 1500 left (.pdf) Long Step 1500 (Left/Right) Long Step drawing 1500 right (.pdf) Long Step 1500 (Left/Right) Long Step 1500 drawing symmetrical (.pdf) Long Step 1500 (symmetrical) Long Step 700 drawing (.pdf) Long Step 700 Long Step 700 drawing (.pdf) Long Step 700 Long Step Duo drawing (.pdf) Long Step Duo Montage instruction for washbasin MI (.pdf) MI Mini Samba drawing (.pdf) Mini Samba Ministep drawing (.pdf) Mini Step OVO drawing (.pdf) OVO IN OVO SILK IN drawing (.pdf) OVO SILK IN Montage instruction for washbasin RE (.pdf) RE Round In drawing (.pdf) ROUND IN Round Silk In drawing (.pdf) ROUND SILK IN Samba drawing (.pdf) Samba Step drawing (.pdf) Step 600 Rasējums Step (.pdf) Step 600 Victoria drawing (.pdf) Victoria
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